Frequently Asked Questions

What’s involved in the selection process?

An initial interview, a final interview and a simulator assessment.

Will the selection process take place in Hong Kong?

The initial interview will take place either in Hong Kong or overseas. The final interview and simulator assessment will take place in Hong Kong.

Will Cathay Dragon cover flight ticket and accommodation for candidates to attend the selection process?

Candidates are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to attend the initial interview. If you’re invited to attend a final interview in Hong Kong, Cathay Dragon will provide flights and accommodation.

How can I update my flying experience and contact details?

Please update your application through our online application portal (, using your login email and password.

If I was unsuccessful with my last application, when can I reapply?

Reapplications are only considered 12 months after the last unsuccessful interview.

If I am successful, which fleet would I be assigned to?

Either the A320 or A330 fleet, depending on vacancies and airline needs

Will Cathay Dragon help with my relocation to Hong Kong?

Yes, Cathay Dragon will provide relocation assistance for successful candidates who reside overseas.