Cadet Pilot Training

Cadet Pilots undergo ‘ab-initio’ flying training with the goal of obtaining a Commercial Pilot's Licence (CPL) or Multi-Crew Pilot's Licence (MPL). Training is facilitated by either CTC New Zealand or Flight Training Adelaide, which are both world-renowned flight training organisations.

Both the CPL and MPL courses focus on gaining the foundation flying skills required for any pilot through single-engine aircraft flying, ranging from general handling to instrument flying and circuits to upset prevention, with several hours flown solo.

Training for multi-crew procedures and multi-engine aircraft flying is completed in either a light twin-engine aircraft or medium jet simulator to a Commercial Instrument Rating standard. Further medium jet simulator multi-crew and jet aircraft handling training is then completed prior to undergoing type-specific conversion training.

Type rating training onto Cathay Dragon’s Airbus A320/1 or A330 fleets is conducted in the Cathay Pacific Group Flight Training Centre in Hong Kong, and culminates in Aircraft Base Training for Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department licensing purposes. Line Flying Under Supervision prior to release to line operations is designed with an emphasis on maximum exposure to Cathay Dragon’s varied operating environment.

Both the CPL and MPL are fully convertible to an Airline Transport Pilot License after achieving the required minimum flying experience.