Cabin Crew at Cathay Dragon

When you join our Cabin Crew, you’re joining a family.

Our team members – most of whom live in Hong Kong – form strong friendships as they support each other during predominately regional flights across Asia. Each day in the air will be a new experience; you will get to visit many different cities and countries around Asia, and meet passengers and colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Being a reputable airline that makes significant investments in training, we’re able to offer good job stability and expedited progression through our Inflight Services Division. If you’re a strong team player with leadership qualities, you could find yourself with plenty of opportunities to spread your wings.

In addition to your training, Cathay Dragon support activities, which broaden your knowledge of other facets of the business (for example tours of local catering companies, or Police stations). You will have many opportunities to strengthen the already close-knit family like bond within the team, attending events such as the annual themed dinner or volunteering in our charity initiatives.

Meet Leona Tam

Flight Attendant and underwater adventurer

Our Cabin Crew team members are able to lead flexible lifestyles that accommodate their passion for travel and adventure. When she’s not working in the sky, Flight Attendant Leona Tam enjoys a very different view of the world – under the ocean.

“I’ve always been an adventurous explorer, and I am especially keen on water sports such as canoeing and wakeboarding – and now scuba diving too,” says Leona. “It all started last year in Cairns, Australia, when I did a discovery scuba diving course. I was amazed by the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef.”

Part of the appeal for Leona is the silence she finds below the waves. “All you hear is the sound of your own breathing, but this doesn’t limit the communication. The universal divers’ sign language leaves us without boundaries, regardless of language barriers and cultural differences. That’s another beautiful thing – being part of an underwater family.”

Leona has enjoyed visiting popular dive sites in Phuket and the Philippines, but her favourite is the more discreet Liuqiu Island in Taiwan. “Here, nature remains harmonised, with many beautiful creatures including lots of sea turtles. It raises awareness that besides enjoying the beauty of nature, we are also responsible for preserving the harmony on our planet”. She hopes that her next adventure will be a live-aboard experience in the Maldives, where divers island-hop and stay on a boat for the entire trip.