Career Development

Flight Attendants with solid flight experience and a good track record of high performance may receive opportunities to progress to senior positions. Inflight careers typically follow this career path:

Flight Attendant > Flight Purser > Senior Purser > Inflight Service Manager

Throughout your career you will receive ongoing mentoring, career coaching and performance feedback that will assist with career and personal growth. Once you’re ready to move up or across our business, we will support you to spread your wings and pursue opportunities in more senior roles on the ground or in the air.


Flight Attendant

Flight Attendants

Our Flight Attendants are responsible for upholding on-board safety standards and delivering world-class customer service via duties such as food and beverage service, and assisting the inflight duty free sales. Flight Attendants begin their careers in Economy class and then progress to Business class.

Flight Purser

Flight Pursers

Flight Pursers lead a team of Flight Attendants in delivering service to Economy class, and support them in ensuring that all passengers experience a smooth and safe flight. Flight Pursers are also responsible for the inflight duty free sales and will be assigned to work in First and Business classes.

Senior Purser

Senior Pursers

Senior Pursers lead teams in servicing Business class. They are the leader of Cathay Dragon’s A320/1 aircraft operation and have overall responsibility for the conduct and coordination of cabin procedures, including emergency procedures.

Inflight Service Manager

Chief Pursers

Inflight Service Managers lead Cathay Dragon’s A330 aircraft operation. They have overall responsibility for the conduct and coordination of all cabin procedures, including emergencies, and for providing guidance and leadership to the Cabin Crew team. They also liaise closely with the Cockpit crew, Ground staff and back office team to ensure a smooth and safe operation.